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Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Protection Engeering Co., Ltd. is not only an environmental protection equipment manufacturing company but also a comprehensive environmental protection project contractors, which combined the service of technical development and productdesign, equipment manufacture, construction and installation, product sales and after sale. The company was founded in 2005, has 10,000 ㎡ standard workshop, modern officebuilding and 40 million fixed assets. We have nearly 100 employees, while the technical personnel of the company staff ratio is 35%.

The Company strictly enforces the ISO9001 quality system and introducing advanced management system to implements modern information management in sales, production, suppliers and customers and other aspects. We achieve a paperless production during the process of the production by using the homologous data.

The company has the High And New Technology Enterprise and a number of national patent technologies. The company cooperate with the strength of domestic and foreign environmental companies, and introduces zeolite rotor enrichment, RTO, RCO and other technologies; has developed a “Plasma + Photocatalytic” techonology together with Universities.; has developed the patented technological Fold Type Bag Dust Collector, that is uesed well indomestic electricity, cement, electrolytic aluminum and steel industries. We work with Japan Nittetsu MiningCo., Ltd., developed Sintered Plate Dust Collector for Rubber industry , which can fulfil the requirements of high humidity, high viscosity and high emissions. Our design is as per customer's requirement, We making the treatment plan as per customer's requirement, until now, we have provided customers with more than 300 sets of dust and VOC control programs, covering rubber, chemical, oil, paint, metal, medicine, electricity, welding fumes, air transport, shipbuilding and other industries.

The company has always been adhering to the enterprise values of“professional, quality, service”, always adhering to the working principle of “surviving by quality,innovating by technology, developing by high efficiency, marketing by credibility”. So we won the favor and support quickly from numerous world top 500 enterprises.

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