Product Description

AR-FH flat cloth bag dust collector is a dust removal equipment with flat cloth bag as the core filter element and pulse injection mode.
Widely used in tobacco, mining, polishing, grinding, welding smoke, robot welding, shipbuilding, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, non-ferrous metal processing, electronics, metallurgy, food processing, textile, glass fiber and other industries produced dust treatment.

Product Features

Performance feature:

  1. The use of new flat cloth bag, compared with the traditional cloth bag dust collector, can greatly reduce the footprint of more than 40%, to solve the problem of limited installation space of dust collector;
  2. Compared with AR-CH cartridge dust collector, AR-FH can be used in high temperature and high dust concentration situations that can not be applied to the cartridge dust collector.
  3. The core filter element of the filter bag can be selected according to the actual dust characteristics of the filter bag material;
  4. A unique combination of modules enables it to be installed in tight Spaces;
  5. The special filter bag can provide a larger filtration area in a small box, and increase the space between the filter bags, longer service life, and reduce the filter bag replacement workload.


Specifications and models Airflow dealer
Filter area(㎡) Bag quantity(Pcs) Contour size of the unit(s)
AR-FH1-1-15 450~1620 15 10 1.1*2.1*2.7
AR-FH1-2-30 900~3240 30 20 1.1*2.1*4.2
AR-FH1-3-45 1350~4860 45 30 1.1*2.1*4.8
AR-FH1-4-60 1800~6480 60 40 1.1*2.1*5.5
AR-FH2-2-60 1800~6480 60 40 2.2*2.1*4.2
AR-FH2-3-90 2700~9720 90 60 2.2*2.1*4.7
AR-FH2-4-120 3600~12960 120 80 2.2*2.1*5.5
Note: The selection of multi-module flat bag dust collector is combined according to different treatment air volume.

Explosion-proof dust collector system

1. Alarm

2. Dust collector automatic spray device

3/4. Spark detector

5. Automatic spray extinguishing device

6. Flameproof valve

7. Temperature detector

8. Deflator/flameless deflator

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