Product Description

AR-CD bin top dust collector is used for bin exhaust dust removal equipment.
Mainly used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, grain processing and other industries such as belt conveyor, pneumatic conveying and other material conveying system.

Product Features

Performance feature:

  1. The equipment is small in size, covers a small area, and effectively saves space;
  2. Low operating resistance of the equipment, effectively saving the energy consumption of the dust removal system;
  3. Adjustable pulse backblowing is adopted, and the pressure difference display is provided.
  4. Filter elements can be installed in different ways according to site requirements.

Airflow simulation diagram:

Technical specifications:

Specifications and models Airflow dealer


Filter area


Bag quantity


AR-CD12 750~1500 12 12
AR-CD24 1500~2100 24 24
AR-CD36 2100~3200 36 36
AR-CD48 2900~4300 48 48
AR-CD60 4000~6000 60 60
AR-CD72 5200~7000 72 72
AR-CD84 6000~9000 84 84

Explosion-proof dust collector system

1. Alarm
2. Dust collector automatic spray device
3/4. Spark detector
5. Automatic spray extinguishing device
6. Flameproof valve
7. Temperature detector
8. Deflator/flameless deflator

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