Aier flue gas depth management project officially put into operation

Recently, the deep treatment project of sulfur trioxide removal from coal-fired boiler flue gas of 135MW class commissioned by Aier Environmental Protection was put into operation, and achieved great success. The colored smoke plume completely disappeared and the white smoke plume was significantly shortened.

With the implementation of ultra-low emission standard of nitrogen oxides, the problem of SO3 emission concentration increase caused by SCR becomes serious. The removal efficiency of SO3 by traditional FGD wet desulphurization process is low to about 30%. In some areas, the actual emission concentration of SO3 in the boiler flue gas has exceeded SO2, resulting in strong corrosion of chimney equipment, SO3 in the emission of flue gas to form a thick sulfuric acid aerosol, the reflection of sunlight to form a light blue plume, can be thousands of meters to ten kilometers and not disappear; When sunlight penetrates the plume, yellowish brown is sometimes observed under the plume, a phenomenon caused by sulphuric acid aerosols. Sulfuric acid aerosol combined with other chemical components and heavy metal particles played an important role in the formation of haze. This large petrochemical enterprise attaches great importance to environmental protection work, and finally decided to adopt the deep treatment technology of SO3 removal by Sodium-based dry method jointly launched by El Environmental Protection and Solvay, Belgium, and carried out the first industrial plant application in China, which achieved the expected effect and eliminated the blue plume. It has made outstanding contributions to improving the local atmospheric environment and haze control.

Aier and Solvay, Belgium, launched the Nakey dry desulfurization technology, which improves the low efficiency of sulfur trioxide removal in traditional ammonia desulfurization equipment and greatly reduces the emission of the power plant’s nonferrous smoke plume. It has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, no waste water, investment saving and quick effect. It effectively makes up for the general weaknesses in the current flue gas treatment system of China’s coal-fired power plants. It helps the power plant reduce the flue gas temperature of the economizer at the same time to improve the power generation efficiency, and is suitable for the flue gas treatment of power boilers, hazardous waste and industrial furnaces and other industries. This technology filled the gap in China and achieved great success.