Aier for a well-known paint industry to provide VOC treatment project successfully completed

Aier after a year of efforts, finally ushered in the successful completion of the project! Recently, the project site successfully passed 168 hours of acceptance, which means that this project is a perfect end!

The project is the United States headquarters factory in the domestic investment of the third factory, the owner of environmental awareness is strong, all VOCs governance and dust collection are the highest domestic standards as the goal, in occupational health, but also to the United States standards, to create the best working environment for employees. These give VOCs governance company put forward strict high requirements acceptance standards.

From the perspective of professional input conditions, this project involves more than 200 operating stations, with great differences in operating stations; Exhaust gas collection pipeline layout and fire, HVAC cross the possibility is very large; Equipment installation platform is compact, very difficult to manipulate.

In the face of the above project difficulties, the Aier technology team fully communicated and understood the production process of the owner, combined with the analysis of the characteristics of the owner’s exhaust gas generation, combined the theoretical calculation with practical application, and carried out CFD simulation calculation for each exhaust gas generation.

Project Advantages:

Design of unique exhaust gas collection cover, the front end of the collection system adopts a variety of collection means, suction arm, the bottom of the suction point layout is targeted; In the acceptance of the project, all the more than 200 suction points of the project were all up to the standard, and the production environment of the whole workshop was good without odor.

The overall collection pipe layout of the project is reasonable. The layout of the main equipment area is highly praised by the owner and the investigating unit due to the limited space of the site. The design is “small and beautiful”.

1. For pipelines and equipment, 3D layout is adopted to simulate the field state and control the micro negative pressure in the workshop of exhaust gas generation, providing the owners with a safe and reliable system design. Safety: Three combustible gas detectors are installed in the exhaust gas system of this project. They are respectively arranged at the exhaust gas pipeline summary, the front end of the zeolite runner and the front end of the RTO intake. High emphasis on safety design thinking.

2. With the strong process design and calculation ability and the support of SSE expert team, this project perfectly combines the wheel concentration and RTO treatment process, overcoming the traditional problem of the treatment of VOCs exhaust gas with large air volume and low concentration, and effectively reduces the equipment input cost and the operating cost of the owner.

Project management: Standardized management of the construction process, to achieve safety and zero accidents, quality management, from the project start to commissioning, acceptance process control has been praised by the owner and management company.