Aier new technology, powered by a new lithium racetrack

Benefiting from the continuous expansion of the new energy vehicle market, the lithium ion battery industry has ushered in a new round of development opportunities. The lithium ion battery market has a broad space and the lithium battery market is entering a golden period. The ensuing demand for environmental protection is also increasingly prominent.

Relying on years of experience in the lithium industry, Al developed a new dust removal system for lithium raw materials to prevent contact with all kinds of metal foreign bodies, including dust removal spare parts, electrical components, equipment ontology, etc., which subverted the traditional dust removal design concept, and applied for a number of patents.

At present, this series of precipitator has successfully passed the small batch trial of a well-known domestic lithium battery company, and has won the recognition of customers for its high quality performance, such as more convenient installation, stronger running stability, and no pollution hidden danger to the process. The customer has successively signed projects with Al for dust removal renovation of the old factory and dust removal supporting projects of the new factory. Recently, a large number of dust removers have been sent to the site one after another.

With the rapid development of the lithium industry, the demand of the environmental protection market is not only limited to the production process, recycling of waste lithium electricity, toxic gas treatment after incineration and so on, all need professional and effective solutions.

Al Environmental Protection has a solid theoretical foundation and experienced chemical process team. We look forward to discussing with you in the field of dust removal system and flue gas treatment, looking for more effective and energy-saving solutions, helping the new track of lithium industry, and contributing to carbon emission reduction!