Aier assisted in the 2nd National Waste Incineration Power Generation Project Operation Management Advanced Seminar

■ Professional environmentalist, Ms. Liu Liyan

■ Founder of Aier Environmental Engineering

■ Vice Chairman, Zhangjiagang Association of Environmental Science and Technology

■ Lecturers specially invited by ACEF

■ Special reporting expert of Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences

The 2nd National Waste Incineration Power Generation Project Operation Management Senior Seminar

Topic: Waste incineration power plant flue gas purification process and cost optimization

Lecturer: Liu Liyan

Time: August 3-4, 2020

Aier | was established

Aier was founded in 2005, is a set of design and development, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, product sales and after-sales service in one of the comprehensive environmental protection engineering company.

Aier | advantages

Aier has advanced design, simulation verification means, effectively ensure the performance and safety of products;

Digital design data management system, and sales, production, quality control, procurement and after-sales service seamless docking;

Adopt ERP management system to realize material traceability; Using paperless production, strict implementation of IS09001 quality system, has a strong production capacity.

Aier | win-win situation

SOLVAY is the exclusive authorized supplier of baking soda to the waste incineration industry in Greater China.

Relying on Solway’s exclusive raw material supply channel, Ayre has developed an advanced dry desulfurization process package. It can provide one-stop integrated purification technology solutions and products such as desulfurization, deacidification, dust removal, catalytic denitrification and other dry flue gas, including household waste incineration, hazardous waste incineration and ultra-low emission of boiler flue gas.