Aier helped the second National Waste incineration Power Generation Project Operation management senior seminar a complete success

On August 4, 2020, the second National Waste Incineration Power Generation Project Operation Management Senior Seminar was held in Suzhou.

Ms. Liu Liyan of Aier  led the project team to help the seminar, and gave a wonderful speech, so that all like-minded partners present felt the style of Aier people.

Ms. Liu Liyan brought her speech to a climax on “How to achieve ultra-low emissions”, “how to reduce the cost of meeting the standards” and “how to choose the right technology”. She answered the doubts of all participants and won the tribute and applause from all environmental protection people.

Aier the wind vane of environmental protection industry, Al is always committed to process optimization and innovation, aiming at the lowest cost to select the most suitable process to achieve the best emissions. Under the leadership of Ms. Liu Liyan, our team will keep the passion, brave progress and climb the peak forever!