Explosion-proof dust removal system

1. Determine the nature of dust

First, the dust properties need to be analyzed

2. Design basis

Determine the design basis

3, dust removal system design

Advanced design simulation verification means, strong guarantee of performance and safety.

Strength analysis of shell and lifting lug:

The figure above shows the overall compressive strength analysis of the equipment in order to find the strengthening position

The following figure shows the lug safety analysis to ensure the safety of lug strength

Full 3D design, project design and implementation can achieve what you see is what you get

4, explosion-proof safety

① Anti-explosion design

When the explosion occurs, the pressure inside the dust collector or pipe rises instantaneously, so the shell must have a certain pressure resistance

(2) Explosion relief design

The filter chamber of the precipitator is equipped with a bursting plate. When the explosion occurs, the internal pressure of the precipitator needs to be quickly released to the safe area through the bursting plate to ensure the safety of the equipment.

③ Flameproof design

An explosive one-way isolation valve is installed on the inlet pipe of the precipitator to avoid the secondary explosion of dust accumulation in the pipe and workshop.

5, The production, construction and installation of the project shall strictly comply with HSE standards

6, Project case