Signing ceremony of China's first SO3 deep treatment system for coal flue gas of Lianyungang Hongyang Thermoelectric Co., LTD

On October 30, 2020, Aier and Hongyang Thermoelectric project held a cooperation signing ceremony.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Xuwei Development Zone government for their support and to Mr. Mike and Ms. Erica for their full cooperation.

Lianyungang Hongyang Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. is the only public thermal energy service provider in “National East and West Regional Cooperation Demonstration Zone — Xuwei New Area”, providing high-quality thermal system services for Xuwei Development Zone and making positive contributions to social development. At the same time, Hongyang Thermoelectric is also an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility. The emission concentration of major pollutants in the boiler flue gas of the company is far lower than the ultra-low emission standard of dust, SO2 and NOx: 10/35/50mg/m3 stipulated by the state, which is the leading level in the industry. However, through this in-depth cooperation with Aier flue gas SO3 in-depth treatment technology, the environmental protection level of Hongyang thermal power will be promoted to a new height.

Aier promises that it will coordinate and cooperate with the owners and relevant units efficiently, and go all out to ensure the quality and quantity of the project construction and normal operation on schedule with high standards of safety, compliance and technical standards.

We firmly believe that through the full cooperation of the project team, the goal of environmental friendliness, technological innovation and common development of the project will be well achieved.