PVC, color masterbatch industry dust removal system

1, powder packing with centralized dust removal

Powder unpacking process In order to avoid dust flying, choose the integrated unpacking station:

2. Dust removal for high speed mixer

Two dust collecting points are designed for high speed mixer

1) Dust is generated at the unpacking feeding port;

2) Mix the dust generated during discharging from the discharge valve;

3, plastic extruder odor purification

Plastic extruder, high temperature flue gas will escape from the nose.

Treatment measures: Set up a suction vent to prevent the flue gas escape. The air hood is connected to the filtration and purification equipment by pipes.

Note: The flue gas contains a large amount of oil and water vapor, and the difficulty of dust collection process lies in the mixing of powder and oil

4. Water vapor collection in the cooling tank

Some extrusion processes contain water cooling process, in which a cooling tank is arranged at the front of the extruder; This process will produce a lot of water vapor, workshop water vapor serious;

Treatment measures: Set an air suction hood above the cooling sink for local ventilation, and discharge to the outside for filtration treatment.

Note: Water vapor contains a lot of smoke, and a small amount of dust, which is the difficulty of filtration and purification process

5. Equipment selection

AR-CH series dust removal equipment is selected

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