[Good news] PPG paint (Zhangjiagang) RTO ignition success

February 28, PPG paint (Zhangjiagang) RTO, ignition success. This means that another paint industry factory waste gas treatment project undertaken by Aier has achieved overall success.

PPG Coatings (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang free Trade Zone, with an annual output of 145,000 tons of high-performance coatings and 5,000 tons of PVC sealant.

The main waste gas produced is toluene, xylene, non-methane total hydrocarbon, acetone, n-butanol, ethyl acetate, etc., the whole factory dust, waste gas production process points are more. According to the project characteristics, Aier divided the PPG project site waste gas treatment into three paths:

The first part is the discharge of feeding dust in explosion-proof production area, which is treated by explosion-proof dust removal + bipolar activated carbon

In the second part, the waste gas of laboratory oven is treated with two-stage activated carbon

The exhaust gas in the third part is the exhaust gas produced by the process exhaust in the production workshop, which uses the runner concentration +RTO

As a leading enterprise in the paint industry, PPG for the first time took all the exhaust gas and dust emissions of the project as a separate procurement and subcontracting, conducted in-depth investigation and evaluation of environmental protection companies in the industry, and finally chose Aier. This is not only PPG’s trust in Aier’s team, but also the recognition of our values of “professionalism, quality and service”.

Aier lives up to expectations, relying on its own advantages of “design-processing-manufacturing-construction installation” whole industrial chain closed-loop, through professional design, accurate production, high standard construction and safety management, the whole project in the process of implementation has been fully affirmed and praised by the owner.

The ignition success, but also represents the overall success of the project.