Product Description

The runner is usually divided into three parts, large sector and two small sector parts. The large sector part is for adsorption of organic matter, and the two small sector parts are respectively for cooling area and high temperature desorption area. The runner rotates at a certain speed, and the adsorbed zeolite is automatically transferred to the desorption area for desorption regeneration, forming the simultaneous operation of adsorption concentration and desorption regeneration and continuous production.

Product Features

Schematic diagram:

Zeolite runner adsorption concentration device uses high-quality products, the adsorption material is zeolite, zeolite structure is similar to crystal, the molecules like a shelf seems to be connected together, the formation of a lot of cavities in the middle, which forms a lot of micropores, has a strong adsorption capacity, the adsorption capacity of adsorbent molecules far more than other types of adsorbents.

Shape (shell)

Runner construction

The zeolite concentrator itself is only an adsorption concentrator for the treatment of organic waste gas, so it can not be used alone. The back end often needs to add a destruction type processing device, such as RTO, CO, etc.

Application industry:

It is suitable for waste gas treatment of lithium battery, glass, paint, spraying, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and other industries.