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Conventional flue gas deacidification process

Conventional flue gas deacidification process has disadvantages

1. Long process parameters are difficult

2. Hazardous chemicals

3. There is a large demand for personnel

4. Occupational exposure risk

5. Low acid removal efficiency of slaked lime

6. The residue contains crystal water, and the production is large

7. Zero discharge of sewage is difficult

8.SCR heating investment and energy consumption is high

9. More serious corrosion/blockage, FPR material overtemperature fire risk

10. The system resistance is high, and the fan power consumption increases

11. The overall investment is large and the comprehensive cost is high

12. Policy risks: Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Liaoning, Shaanxi and other local standards for coal-fired power Plant air pollutant emission standards have clearly required: there must be smoke temperature control and other effective measures to eliminate gypsum rain, colored smoke rain, etc

Aier integrated purification process

Aier integrated purification process advantages

1. Simplified process, reduced parameters and reduced difficulty

2. The complexity and danger of washing are eliminated

3. Reliable operation, easy adjustment, less maintenance

4. Cleaner environment and less occupational exposure

5. It can meet the strict environmental emission standards of Europe and America

6. Improved efficiency, less residue

7. No waste water is generated

8.SCR heating energy is reduced

9. The system resistance is reduced, and the fan energy consumption is reduced

10. Effective removal of SO3, HCl, HF

11. Helps eliminate smoke plumes

12. Better investment and operating costs

GORE® denitrification catalytic filter bag process

GORE® Denitrification catalytic filter bag process benefits

1) Use your existing bag filter – just replace the bag

Less adjustment of process and operation

No extra space required

Does not increase the pressure difference

Easy to install and maintain

2)It is also ideal for new factories

Simplify flue gas purification process

Save energy cost

Reduce equipment investment costs