102nd Anniversary of the founding of the Party & 18th anniversary of Al

2005-2023, 18 years is fleeting, but the original intention is unchanged, at this time, the company and employees are full of hope, the pace is strong, has a hot passion, burning the future!

After 18 years of ups and downs, Al is now celebrating his 18th birthday. Reviewing the company’s development process over the years, thank the employees for their hard work and the trust of customers, and call on all employees to uphold the spirit of “innovation and strive for strength”, and actively contribute to the future development of the company.

Staff sign in to start today’s factory celebration

The 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Party
We wish that the great motherland will always be young and prosperous
We wish the Communist Party of China a more brilliant tomorrow!

Poetry reading

In the past, we have not only seen the accumulation and accumulation of extensive views and thin hair, but also seen the perseverance and struggle of breaking through the wind and fog, but also saw the collective wisdom and efforts to share weal and woe. We burn the flame with passion and add dazzling light to the enterprise.


Inspire people

Reverse card

Clamp happiness

The holding of this factory celebration fully demonstrates the company’s awareness of innovation and team spirit. All staff adhering to the principle of “customer first”, by always adhering to the improvement of product quality and brand value, and constantly expanding the market, have made unremitting efforts for the vigorous development of the company.