Aier Environmental uses RTO dynamic simulation technology to enable environmental engineering

Recently, Zhangjiagang City Aier Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. obtained the copyright of computer software – Aier Environmental regenerative incinerator dynamic simulation software, referred to as RTO dynamic simulation software.

RTO incinerator is an important facility for VOCs treatment and the treatment scale is getting larger and larger, and the operation cost can be from hundreds of thousands to nearly ten million yuan per year. Therefore, it is very necessary to study how to improve the design means, improve the engineering quality and optimize the operation.

RTO incinerators work by heating organic waste gas to more than 760 degrees Celsius (depending on the composition) to oxidize and decompose the VOC in the waste gas into carbon dioxide and water. The high temperature gas produced by the oxidation of the RTO incinerator flows through the special ceramic heat accumulator, which heats up the ceramic body and “accumulates heat”. This “accumulates heat” is used to preheat the incoming organic waste gas. Thus saving fuel consumption of exhaust gas heating.

This software can quickly evaluate the impact of design parameters and operation parameters on the heat recovery efficiency, gas consumption and other economic effects, which can be used for the design and use of new devices, and can also be used for the operation optimization of existing devices.

As a high-tech enterprise, the company pays attention to intellectual property rights in recent years, and has achieved fruitful results. Up to now, the company has obtained 42 patents. These achievements have enhanced the core competitiveness of the company, provided strong scientific and technological support for the future development of the company, and contributed to the development of the industry.