A successful cross-border boost

A thank you note

Representing Aier Environmental’s dust removal team

Successful cross-border support for a project

Project profile

The project is located in Zhejiang Province, and the customer is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of thermoplastic elastomers.

The requirements of this project are four sets of air delivery systems, and Aier’s dust removal team is very prominent in its expertise in explosion-proof dust removal systems and particle fluid simulation, as well as its ability to design non-standard equipment. These capabilities are the professional qualities needed by a wind delivery system project team, so there is this cross-border support action.

Design background:

Material name: micron rubber particles

Corrosion: containing moisture and other volatile components with weak acid corrosion

Flammability: combustible adhesive powder, explosive

Hygroscopicity: has hygroscopicity

Design process: Air-powered pneumatic conveying system, positive and negative pressure pneumatic conveying system in the form of rotary valve + injector + Roots pump + bin + special dust collection equipment, including complete sets of pneumatic conveying system and air supply and exhaust system for particles and powders.

Project features:

1, the system has a high pressure, small gas consumption;

2, low flow rate but large conveying capacity, almost no impact on material quality;

3, control system automation, remote local system control, visual operation of various operating parameters;

4, the grinding system adopts closed cycle design, which greatly reduces the system energy consumption and exhaust gas discharge problems;

5. The special dust collector on the roof matches the original civil structure, and the existing civil structure has hardly changed, reducing the project investment cost and shortening the project cycle time.

The on-site project overcame other factors such as high temperature conditions and epidemic situation, and completed the project on time and in good quality.

We are particularly proud that this project is helping a project that is stuck. The smooth operation of the project has made several products of customers successful, changed the business format monopolized by foreign materials, and filled the domestic gap. The equipment performs well in trial production. Won the customer’s recognition, and sent a special thank you letter to the company to show gratitude and encouragement.

Aier will always uphold the “professional quality service” values, to do a good job for customers.