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20 years of winter smog still wreaks havoc:




In fact, after more than 20 years of development and improvement, from non-grinding to grinding to the optimal particle size, from soda ash, trona to baking soda, the efficiency and utilization rate has been improved until it is close to 100%.

Why not follow the dry method of slaked lime desulfurization:


* Baking soda is more “delicate” than slaked lime. It breaks down easily when exposed to heat and clumps easily when exposed to moisture.
* The packing density of baking soda is twice that of slaked lime, which is more likely to be blocked by deposition.
* The granularity of baking soda and slaked lime is different, baking soda is finer, slaked lime is coarser, the difference is about 3 times.
The deacidification process of baking soda and slaked lime is different, baking soda loses weight after reaction, slaked lime gains weight after reaction.
The reaction operation of slaked lime can be carried out in a circulating fluidized bed, and the fly ash circulation can improve the efficiency slightly. Baking soda is not suitable.
The optimum temperature range of dry deacidification of slaked lime is low, and the efficiency increases when the temperature is lower than 100℃. The suitable temperature range of baking soda dry deacidification is about 200℃.
Dry deacidification of slaked lime is beneficial to the reaction when the humidity of flue gas increases, but it also increases the risk of paste bag. Desulfurization special baking soda is not sensitive to flue gas humidity.
Lime reacts with CO2 in flue gas to form calcium carbonate, thus losing the ability of acid removal. Desulfurization baking soda is almost unaffected by CO2.


Key points:

The bicarbonate of soda which can decompose to form uniform micropores as reaction channel under appropriate technological conditions is the special bicarbonate of desulfurization with real high activity.

Effects of grinding process:

  • When the particle size is below a certain value, the reaction efficiency is not sensitive.

  • Good grinding results in uniform particle size distribution, while poor grinding results in wide, bimodal particle size distribution, which reduces efficiency and utilization and produces more adverse effects.

  • The selection of advanced grinding machine and process conditions is the reliable guarantee of operation effect.

High performance deacidification reactor

  • A well-designed deacidification reactor can make baking soda react with acid gas in flue gas faster and more effectively, and improve the deacidification efficiency and raw material utilization rate. Regardless of the flue gas treatment scale from 1 kNm3/h to > 100 kNm3/h, deacidification tower diameter from 500mm to 5000mm, through advanced process calculation, 3D design, CFD simulation means, avoid serious eddy current, plug flow, ash accumulation and other adverse distribution, to achieve the highest reaction effect. The nozzle, Venturi and other key components were tested by experiments.

  • Aier environmental protection has a complete machining and manufacturing capacity, in the material selection, processing accuracy, welding quality, anti-corrosion technology and other aspects to ensure that the manufacturing quality and life of equipment to meet the design objectives.

High rate reaction dust collector

The reaction of baking soda dry deacidification is divided into two steps:

  • A flow bed reaction in a deacidizing reactor
  • Fixed bed reaction process in cloth bag filter


The reaction medium of the bag filter is the cake layer composed of the dust and baking soda accumulated on the outer surface of the bag.A well-designed dust collector can ensure that the dust and baking soda particles can be evenly distributed on the surface of the filter bag to form cake with the gas through reasonable airflow distribution, and also ensure that the baking soda particles can be blown into the ash bin during the backblowing process, so as to maintain the moderate thickness of the filter cake layer and keep updating.This is different from the design idea of the traditional dust collector. If the appropriate parameters are not reached, there will be abnormal pollutant discharge, material consumption and operation energy consumption.Combined with more than ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing precipitators, the matching dry deacidification reaction precipitators designed and manufactured by Aier Environmental Protection have achieved the expected use effect.