"Efficient Talent Cultivation" of Aier Environmental Protection Internal Training

The performance of an enterprise’s employees directly determines whether the enterprise’s strategic goals are realized or not. With the market competition, the industry pattern is constantly changing, the role of enterprise talent advantage is prominent, training as an important channel for talent training, more and more enterprises regard it as an important part of enterprise management, but the effect is not as satisfactory as imagined, in view of this problem, Aier environmental protection on September 5th in the company for the management personnel training of high performance meeting training, It is elaborated from the following points:


(1) What is the logic of enterprise training high performance talents?

(2) What is the logic of the training?

(3) What is the proportion of talent cultivation in each stage?

(4) How to effectively carry out intensive training?

Through the training, we have a deeper understanding of the talent-first strategy and the operation of an enterprise is the operator. From the case analysis, we have learned more valuable experience from the deficiency of talent training, which lays a solid foundation for the cultivation of highly efficient talents in the following departments.

Talent cultivation, coach-style guidance, always respect human nature; With the dream can coexist and prosper; Benchmarking, reflecting on mistakes and questioning yourself, is the most real growth.