Aier Environmental protection successfully through Japan Kurita Industrial FAT acceptance

Kurita Industrial Co., Ltd. is a century-old Japanese company with nearly 20 years of experience in investing in China.

In recent years, it has also added an investment project of 150 million US dollars in Taixing Chemical Industry Park. In this project, many process sections need the treatment of waste gas and dust. With rich experience and pragmatic attitude, Aier Environmental Protection broke through numerous competitions and won the bid of the whole process of waste gas treatment project.

According to the progress of the project, FAT acceptance of the main equipment of the project was carried out on Monday. Mr. Shiba Shiao, deputy general manager of Kurita, personally led the team, representatives of the supervision unit, representatives of the management company and other representatives participated in the acceptance.

The acceptance team has carried out detailed inspection and verification of all process control data, product performance testing and product appearance quality of the main equipment delivered by the project. The whole process, completely continued the meticulous and rigorous work style of Japanese enterprises.

Aier with excellent quality, perfect management, won the customer’s recognition, successfully passed the FAT acceptance!