Aier first live stream -WTE Gas Purification technology

With people’s increasing attention to environmental protection and the continuous development of social and economic level, the level of urbanization and the consequent per capita household garbage production is also rising. The waste incineration power generation industry has not only greatly eliminated the garbage siege dilemma,In addition, it has realized the transformation of waste resources into treasure and become an important component of renewable energy. The domestic industrial scale and equipment level have reached the world’s advanced ranks.Continuous introduction of more advanced and more reasonable purification technology, further optimization of waste incineration flue gas purification process, to avoid secondary adverse effects on the atmosphere, water, soil environment,It will become an important target of operation and maintenance management of incinerators in the next stage. Ms. Liu Liyan will discuss industrial policy, industry development, process technology, cost-effectiveness and other aspects.Compare and analyze the characteristics of different purification technology routes such as semi-dry method, wet method and dry method for you, and introduce the progress made by Aier Environmental Protection in the complete set of technology of baking soda dry deacidification and dust removal.


At 20:00 PM on April 27, 2020, Tencent Conference will be broadcast simultaneously with Douyin. Please register as soon as possible!

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