Innovation 2022 Extraordinary achievement Aier- Aier Environmental 2022 Annual Meeting was successfully held

2021, brave the wind and waves, dream of sailing;

2022, Innovation 2022, extraordinary achievement Aier;


On January 8, 2022, the Annual Meeting of “Innovation 2022 Extraordinary Achievement”Aier — “Aier Environmental Protection 2022” kicked off in Shazhou Lake Hotel, Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou. We are grateful for our partners’ journey together and work together to create a better and more brilliant new future.


Partners get together to celebrate the New Year


Staff and guests sign in and enter

The characteristic Hanfu opening, stunning four seats.

The four hosts came on stage, which means that the Aier Environmental 2022 Annual Meeting officially began!

The host takes the stage


The steady and rapid development of Aier Environmental Protection is inseparable from the hard work of all colleagues present here. In 2021, under the leadership of Tony and Scarlett, Guangzhou Aier Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. has achieved extraordinary achievements.

Guangzhou Aier Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD. — General Manager Scarlett Hu Hongxia shared the New Year message


At the beginning of the party, Mr. Zhao Yi, chairman of the board, delivered a speech. Mr. Zhao first expressed his thanks to his partners. Without the hard work of his partners, there would be no brilliant achievements of the company in 2021. Then, Mr. Zhao put forward new requirements for the development of the company in 2022. He hoped that the partners would continue to maintain the spirit of high spirits and high morale, strengthen the execution of the work, highlight the details and focus on management, carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, drive the horses, keep pace with The Times and write a new chapter in 2022.

Chairman Zhao Yi delivered a New Year’s speech, planning the company’s development direction in 2022


2021, we cut through all the obstacles, more setbacks more brave.

2022, I hope we will be like the pupae of winter insects, seize the opportunity, transform from the heart, strive to forge ahead and break the cocoon into a butterfly.

We were born under the red flag and grow up in the spring breeze. The people have faith, the country has strength and the nation has hope. As young people in the new era, we should harbor dreams and pursue our dreams bravely to provide inexhaustible driving force for the development of the motherland.

Liu Lang (Party branch secretary) and all Party members renew their pledge to join the Party


Today, on this special day, let’s witness the establishment of the Aier Environmental Research Institute. The establishment of the Institute makes us one step closer to becoming a leader in the waste gas treatment industry.

Liu Liyan, founder of Aier environmental protection, took the stage to speak

Group Photo of Members of the Institute

Aier environmental protection from scratch, can not be separated from the staff never abandon, important day, thank important people, Al environmental protection was founded when the first employee.

1st Link

Power of example and Great honor



In 2021, more than 100 partners of Aier and its subsidiaries Guangzhou Aier and Zhejiang Aier worked hard day and night, 365 hard work day and night cast a successful end of 2021!


1. Outstanding Employee Award

Take the work as the mission, the excellence as the pursuit, even in the most ordinary positions, you can also use practical actions to prove that “gold will shine wherever it goes”.

2. 10-year Contribution Award

Ten years of unswervingly, ten years of silent farming, you give the best youth to our common struggle for the cause of environmental protection, it is because of your ten years like a day to pay, Aier environmental protection today can be so gorgeous.

3. Best Project Award

Class A project & Class B Project & Class C project


they forge ahead, know what is bitter, what is tired, but never cry bitter cry tired, even if overtime has become a common thing, but always stand in the forefront of the project site, mutual support, create success.

Every time the signing, is the best interpretation of efforts

Every hundred million is the return of the heart

Every partner, should be proud of themselves, for the team, for the company!

2nd Link

Feast for the eyes · Present the New Year


With the bright lights and cheerful melody, the wonderful programs are coming in succession. The staffs of all departments cooperate with each other, and the exhibition directors cooperate with the beautiful stage, lighting and background to create a wonderful visual feast. Sonorous and powerful singing, vigorous team, fresh will show the company’s spiritual outlook in front of everyone, praise for them!

Song: “A Little Sweet”


Song: “Ten Miles of Spring Breeze”


Song: “New Princess Drunk”


Song: “Running To You”


Song: “Rain in June”


Dance: “Happy Dance Mix”


Sketch: Period Melodrama


Song: “No More Hesitation”


Song Mix: “Sunshine Is Always Behind the Storm” + “My Future Is Not a Dream”


Dance: “Fluorescent Dance”


During the party also interspersed with staff interaction and lottery activities, Fuhu gifts and rich prizes make every partner on the scene excited, the party atmosphere to the climax!


Faith, gratitude, dream throughout the party, the staff carefully arranged the program to let the partners have fun. Each link shows the enterprising style of the partners, reflecting the company’s massive and magnificent corporate culture.


The year 2021 has turned a page, and a New Year is about to begin, within a few seconds.


This is an exciting time, a time full of opportunities and challenges. The fierce market competition requires each of our partners to continue to maintain high morale, continue to maintain a strong fighting spirit. The future development has a long way to go, we need solidarity and assistance, continuous innovation, work together, seize the day, live up to their youth, and jointly create a new prosperity.