Exhibition review I Aier environmental wonderful appearance at Shenzhen International battery Exhibition

On May 18, the 15th Shenzhen International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (CIBF2023), which attracted much attention from the industry, came to a successful end!

The exhibition is not only a meeting with our industry customers and friends, but also a window for new customers to understand Aier Environmental Protection. Under the new development pattern of continuous innovation and change in the environmental protection industry, Al Environmental Protection will adhere to the four strategic goals of “core technology autonomy, non-standard equipment modularization, module equipment mass, project service quality”, and realize the “resource, energy, and harmless” of VOCs governance. For customers to create “reasonable investment, economic operation and maintenance, environmental protection standards, safe and reliable” environmental protection equipment!

On the day of the exhibition, Ms. Liu Liyan, general manager of Aier Environmental Protection, came to the booth to guide the work with mysterious gifts, indicating the direction of the work of Al team and inspiring morale!

The exhibition was unprecedented, and Aier’s one-stop solution for the lithium industry was welcomed by a large number of customers, and found a practical method for the difficult points of environmental protection emissions in the lithium industry.

Although the exhibition has come to an end, Aier’s exploration of environmental protection will not stop. In the future, Aier Environmental Protection will continue to improve the quality of products and services, continue to create more value for customers, and help Chinese brands go to sea.

Thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at the next exhibition!