General Manager of Aier Environmental Protection Led the team to the United Nations Climate Conference (COP28)

In recent years, China has made remarkable achievements in promoting low-carbon energy transition and sustainable development, and Chinese enterprises are increasingly participating and playing an important role in the global response to climate change.” “Strengthening communication and cooperation is the right choice to address climate change, and we must also take more effective action to better address climate change,” said Peter Bedkay, president and CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Dubai, the Future – Aier Environmental Managing Director and leadership team gathered with global climate change experts at COP28 Dubai.

The COP28 Dubai conference is seen as an important milestone, and as a pioneering company committed to sustainability, our participation in COP28 aims to strengthen cooperation in environmental protection and explore sustainable development solutions.

During the meeting with the leaders of Dubai Free Trade Zone, Mr. Liu introduced our innovative initiatives in carbon emission reduction, resource recycling and other aspects, and shared the results and experience obtained by El Environmental Protection in the practice of sustainable development. We actively engage in discussions and cooperation to seek cross-border partners.

Mr. Liu led the team to visit SEPAM in Saudi Arabia, which is a highly praised project management company in the field of heavy industry and oil and gas engineering. In order to further expand the influence of Al in the international market, we conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with SEPAM on the future cooperation direction, effectively integrated resources of both sides, gave full play to their respective advantages, and jointly carried out more project cooperation.

This visit is of great significance to our international strategic planning and has injected new vitality into the development of Aier Environmental Protection in foreign markets. Aier Environmental Protection is committed to becoming a leader in environmental protection and will actively participate in this key meeting to work together with the international community to create a better future for the home we live in together.