Calgon, Solvay, and Aier tripartite technical meeting

On July 24, 2020, Kargon, the world’s top activated carbon brand manufacturer, brought its technical team, and Solvy, the world’s top group, brought baking soda technical elites to our company for communication.

General Manager Liu Liyan led the Aier team to receive, and the three parties fully exchanged views on “flue gas purification at the back end of incinerator” and “market application of activated carbon”.

Calgon, Solway and Aier are all leaders in their respective industries, consistently leading the way in the rapid pace of technological change. Our products are very expensive, which means the sustainable development of industrial products is expensive, aiming to provide customers with more cost-effective products and services.

Next, General Manager Liu Liyan will lead the Aier team to continue to carry out profound technical exchanges with leading enterprises in various fields, constantly upgrade and enrich the team experience, and provide customers with more professional technical services.