I have the fight against the epidemic, Zhangjiagang refueling!

Suzhou has the largest local outbreak of COVID-19 since December 2019. All districts and industries in Suzhou responded quickly, and the epidemic prevention measures were rolled out in a tight and orderly manner from point to point and from line to surface.

In the face of the epidemic, Zhangjiagang City Aier Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD., the majority of young people actively participate in volunteer service, employees of all departments take the initiative to respond to the formation of Eyre volunteer service team, from early morning to dusk, from dark to dawn, service team members blow the “rallying”, twist into a string, write a song of unity against the epidemic.

Zhangjiagang City Aier Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. donated supplies to the academy community on December 22. Small actions contain great warmth, which not only reflects the responsibility and responsibility of enterprises, but also demonstrates the firm determination of all sectors of society to fight the epidemic together.

On the runway of epidemic prevention and control, love and hope run far faster than the virus. More and more people come forward, more and more warmth appears around us, and more and more brave solidarity gathers.

Let us believe that the light will disperse the gloom

Through the winter, will usher in spring flowers