"Removal technology and application of low concentration sulfur trioxide removal by sodium based dry method" successfully passed expert identification

On December 4th, 2021, the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering organized the technical appraisal meeting of “Sodium-based Dry Method low concentration sulfur trioxide Removal Technology and Application” in the form of online + offline. The appraisal committee is composed of 9 experts from Guodian Electric Power Co., LTD., Datang Group Research Institute, General Institute of Electric Power Planning and Design, State Grid Hebei Institute of Technology, North China Electric Power University, Huadian Science and Technology Group, Datang International Power Generation Co., LTD., Jiangsu Electric Power Design Institute, and Guoeng Longyuan Environmental Protection Co., LTD. Liu Yucheng, president of Lianyungang Hongyang Thermoelectric Co., LTD., and Liu Liyan, general manager of Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., attended the meeting at the offline venue of Hongyang and Eyre Environmental Protection Co., LTD.

Aiming at the demand of low concentration sulfur trioxide removal in boiler flue gas, this project has carried out research in the technical route, adsorbent selection, spraying, optimal dosage, etc., proposed the technical route of low concentration sulfur trioxide removal by sodium-based dry method, determined both activity and selectivity of sodium bicarbonate as adsorbent and its engineering application process, and developed the negative pressure impact grinding system. The multi-channel collaborative injection technology under complex flow field was developed, and a complete set of removal technology scheme of low concentration sulfur trioxide by sodium based dry method was formed, which was successfully applied to two 440T/h high temperature and ultra-high pressure pulverized coal boilers in No. 3 and No. 4 of Hongyang Cogeneration Project in Lianyungang. The results show that the operation is stable and reliable, the removal efficiency of sulfur trioxide is more than 80%, and the concentration of sulfur trioxide in the flue gas is significantly reduced.

The appraisal committee believes that the research results of the project have enriched the effective removal technology of low concentration sulfur trioxide in the flue gas of coal-fired boilers, which has significant economic and environmental benefits and prospects for popularization and application, and has reached the international advanced level as a whole.


The successful holding of the technical appraisal meeting of this project is of milestone significance for the environmental protection company in the field of flue gas treatment of coal-fired boilers. In the future production and operation, the environmental protection company will further improve its independent innovation ability and technological development level, improve the quality and efficiency of environmental protection enterprises, promote the environmental protection innovation of the whole industry, and contribute to the environmental protection cause of the power of the Aier company!