Operation tracking of the first hazardous waste enterprise that successfully used baking soda to deacidize

On June 4, 2020, Mr. Liu, the general manager of Aier Environmental Protection, and his team visited the hazardous waste plant in Huai ‘an. The plant was the first enterprise in the hazardous waste industry that successfully used baking soda to desulphurize.

In this project, baking soda drying method was used instead of slaked lime drying method, and part of the lye consumption was reduced, and 50% of the load of deacidification was undertaken. For more than half a year, the baking soda dry system has been running well, the sulfur and chlorine indexes have all reached the ultra-low emission requirements, and there has never been any gridding phenomenon, which greatly reduces the daily maintenance pressure on the site. At the same time, due to the reduction of the amount of lye, the pressure of the wet process and the three-effect evaporation at the back end has been significantly reduced, and the corrosion problem has also been significantly improved.

For the solutions and products provided by Aier, the owner’s Deputy General Manager Cheng expressed his high praise and sincere gratitude. Baking soda drying method not only brings environmental compliance, easy maintenance and stable operation, but also brings huge economic value.