Tianqi Lithium came to visit our project

From April 11 to April 12, Tianqi Lithium, the largest domestic core supplier of lithium new energy, visited Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. to inspect the factory and Eyre’s odor treatment project in Zhejiang flavor and fragrance industry. Ms. Liu Liyan, general manager, Mr. Wang Yuecchang, project manager, Mr. Song Xiaohu and other senior executives of Zhangjiagang Eyre Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. warmly received the visiting guests.

On the first day, the delegation first arrived at the odor treatment project site of Zhejiang flavor and fragrance industry, under the guidance of Song Xiaohu, the project manager, the delegation visited the odor treatment equipment of the flavor and fragrance industry, and gave a professional and detailed explanation.

Zhejiang flavor industry odor treatment project field office

Zhejiang flavor industry odor treatment project site

On the second day, the delegation came to Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. to visit the laboratory and factory, chief engineer Mr. Wang Yuecchang first introduced the core advantages of AiER environmental protection and the future development direction.

Zhangjiagang Aier Eyre environmental protection Engineering Co., LTD. Conference room
Zhangjiagang City Aier environmental protection Engineering Co., Ltd. laboratory

The 2-day visit made the delegation have a deep impression on Aier Environmental Protection, and also gave a high evaluation of the odor treatment project of the whole plant.

While expanding the advantages in the field of industrial VOCs governance, Aier Environmental Protection is rapidly expanding its development to solve the pollution control of industrial clusters and the lithium battery industry. In the future, we look forward to cooperating with more excellent industries in the field of clean air for win-win development.