Walk with employees with caring heart

Recently, a family member of an employee of the company suddenly suffered from a serious illness. The news plunged their whole family into a heavy burden. During treatment and rehabilitation, they also have to face the pressure of their children’s upcoming important university exams, and high tuition and living expenses become a huge worry.

At this difficult time, they received a payout from the family’s million dollar health insurance purchased by the company. Family Million medical insurance is an additional medical benefit for employees and their dependents in addition to the social security insurance purchased by the company for employees. This payout not only relieves the financial stress of medical expenses, but also allows the employee’s family to focus more on caring for and supporting the family member who is undergoing treatment, while providing substantial support for the child’s college expenses.

It’s not easy to work with your employees in a caring way, but as an environmental engineering company, Al does it. Al has always adhered to the national feelings and the company’s unique home culture, and is committed to fulfilling the corporate social responsibility.

Aier believes that caring for people is caring for the future of the company. The value and impact of companies buying insurance for their employees’ families is already evident. In the future, Aier will continue to uphold the concept of caring and supporting employees’ families, and constantly improve various welfare policies. At the same time, Aier also welcomes more companies to follow suit and jointly build a social environment that cares for employees and grows together.