Good news: The Aier Project team received an award from the owner

In 2021, Pinghu Liquid Essence Project was successfully completed and awarded the title of “Excellent Project Team” by the owner.

This project is to add a set of exhaust gas treatment system in the complex building, raw material workshop, production workshop, finished product warehouse and RTO area. The project mainly deals with the waste gas collected by each workshop. Equipment layout strictly comply with the current national and local standards, pay attention to environmental protection and production safety and health. Meet the requirements of the technological process, reasonable partition layout, convenient production management.

The title of “Excellent Project team” is the owner’s affirmation and recognition of the company’s project team. Aier environmental project team, will continue to become the industry’s most passionate, the most thoughtful, the most tenacious, the most dynamic fighting team, always running, service customers, win the market, create brilliant!

Strive Aier people, come on!