[Epidemic prevention and Control] Take two steps in epidemic prevention and production

Logistics measures will be implemented to build a strong barrier against the epidemic

This is the end of winter to spring, when the fog and wind warm, the sudden epidemic to all press the pause button. With the extension of the sealing time, large areas of logistics stagnation, overstock of goods can not be delivered, accessories gradually appear serious shortage of inventory, employees are anxious, this is a race against time!

In this situation, as soon as possible to solve the problem of production and supply, to ensure the normal operation of customers has become the top priority of the enterprise. On April 19, Aier Environmental Protection became the first batch of enterprises to resume work. Now, on the premise of epidemic prevention and control, and to ensure safe production as the standard, Aier Environmental Protection has started the work of resuming production in an orderly manner.

When the employees in the control area received the notice to resume work, they showed a positive attitude and put forward the application to resume work. With the active cooperation of the employees, Aier Environmental Protection quickly set up the epidemic prevention and control management team including safety, production, canteen, procurement, logistics, etc., and started production and supply methodically.

Since the resumption of work, Aier environmental protection closely followed the development of the epidemic situation and the transport of goods. Due to the epidemic prevention policy, we are gradually restoring production capacity, but there are still many challenges and uncertainties in terms of supply, especially in terms of logistics. As a white list enterprise, Aier Environmental Protection leads by example and practices by example. Under the premise of doing its best to ensure that the logistics epidemic prevention policy is in line with, it contacts the logistics and the site for docking, and its employees work overtime to ensure the normal shipment of goods within the specified time. Everything takes customer needs as the priority to ensure the normal production and operation of customers.

In front of the epidemic, the employees are rallying, racing against time and actively put into production. The figure of their struggling to run through the scenes has become a long roll of Aier environmental protection. This is a “two-way journey” of love and support, but also a direct reflection of Aier environmental corporate culture.

To help each other and tide over difficulties, all employees of Aier will always focus on both “epidemic prevention and production”, make every effort to “recover”, run the great relay of supply and chain, adhere to the key moment of line, and jointly escort the safe and stable operation of the park.


“Four early and five most” : early screening, early detection, early warning, early disposal, and strive to solve the biggest key problems at the earliest time, from the lowest level, with relatively minimum cost, and strive for the best comprehensive benefits.

“Three-piece epidemic prevention” : scientific wearing of masks, social distancing, pay attention to personal hygiene.

“Five important precautions” : masks should be worn, social distancing should be left behind, coughing and sneezing should be covered, hands should be washed often, and Windows should be open as much as possible.