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The Ministry of Environmental Protection requires the World Environment Day publicity work

The "Notice" pointed out that June 5 this year is the World Environment Day after the implementation of the new "Environmental Protection". All localities and departments should seize the favorable opportunity, increase the publicity of environmental protection, and effectively organize the World Environment Day. Publicity and commemoration activities will create a good atmosphere for the whole people to participate in environmental protection and ecological civilization construction.

The "Notice" pointed out that the theme of this year's World Environment Day is "Practicing Green Life", aiming to spread the concept of "green lifestyle" to the whole society. All localities should closely follow this theme to plan and implement publicity activities, sing the main theme of green life, and let "practice green life" become the consensus and action of the whole society.

The "Notice" requires that during the World Environment Day, all localities should plan and organize thematic publicity activities that affect people's lifestyles and consumption patterns; design and produce environmental culture and publicity products that the public likes to hear; hold a press conference to inform the environmental quality and the new "environmental protection" **》 Implementation progress; vigorously publicize and commend the advanced model of “practicing green life” and expose negative examples. In this process, we must pay attention to increasing the intensity of network communication and give full play to the propaganda role of new media.

The "Notice" emphasizes that environmental protection departments at all levels should strengthen leadership, make overall arrangements, and organize the organization of World Environment Day propaganda as an important task in the near future. It is necessary to vigorously strive for the support of the government's main responsible comrades, actively coordinate other relevant departments to jointly carry out environmental protection publicity activities, and strive to expand the coverage of publicity and increase the influence of the activities.

In addition, the "Notice" pointed out that all localities should timely summarize the good experiences and good practices of the World Environment Day propaganda work, and explore the characteristics and laws of the World Environment Day propaganda work. The Ministry of Environmental Protection will report on the promotion of World Environment Day in various places.

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