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product description1. Wide pleats, easy to clean ash;2. Top opening, bottom opening / backing / small hole installation;3. Unique inner rotation, outer protection side belt;4. Special flame retardant properties;5. Galvanized rust-proof metal structure;6. Rubber ring sealapplication:   Suitable for plasma, laser cutting, welding fume and other working conditions in large steel structures, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, metal processing and other industries. 

product description:1. Light pleat design, easy to clean2. **Filter3. The filtering area is 2-3 times that of the same bag.4. Top opening, bottom backing5. Head bottom material: polyurethane, stainless steel, galvanized metal or silicone6. Inner support mesh material: polypropylene, stainless steel or galvanized mesh, punching mesh7. Rubber sealsapplication:        1. Modification of bag-type dust collector and matching new pulse dust collector        2. Suitable for a variety of flower board sizes, directly used to replace bags and skeletonsInstallation method:

product description:1. Adopt US imported filter paper, 80% wood pulp fiber + 20% polyester fiber;2. Can be better applied to pulse backflushing under high humidity conditions;3. Large-area design to ensure the filtered air volume;4. The inner and outer support of the metal mesh and the plating end cover are not easy to rust;5. Special elastic rubber sealing ring;application:    It can be applied to GE, SOLAR, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, MITSUBISHI and other gas turbine compressor inlet filtration, generator ventilation filtration.Different installation methods:水平卧式 卡盘式小孔吊装式锁扣式 

product description: Wide pleat design2. **Filter3. Metal mesh inside and outside support, plating end cap is not easy to rust4. Special elastic rubber sealing ring        5. Top opening, bottom backingapplication:1. Used in electronics, tires, rubber, battery and other industries2. Conditions not applicable for both top-loading and bottom-loading

product description:1. Long-fiber polyester filter material, wide pleat, easy to clean ash;2. Good wear resistance, more able to withstand the pulse backflush of airflow than traditional filter materials;3. The end cap and the center frame are all electrogalvanized pieces, which are not rusted;4. Special sealed closed-cell elastic neoprene;5. Special inner rubber, outer protective side belt;       6. Top opening, bottom opening / back cover / bottom holeapplication:      1. Ships, containers, large port machinery, steel pretreatment, etc.      2. Filtration, sandblasting, pelleting, pigmentation, wood processing

product description:      1. Import special air filtration / dust removal composite filter paper to ensure the filtration effect      2. Wide pleat design, large filter area      3. Electroplated zinc end caps will not rust      4. Electroplated zinc diamond mesh center skeleton, high opening ratio      5. Rubber ring seal      6. Good moisture resistanceapplication:    1. Applicable to large air separation in oxygen plant, air filter at large compressor inlet, blast furnace blast.    2. Can replace Donaldson, GE, AAF, Nordic and other products.

防爆除尘系统1、确定粉尘性质    首先需要分析粉尘性质2、设计依据  确定设计依据3、除尘系统设计先进的设计模拟验证手段,性能与安全的有力保证。 壳体及吊耳强度分析:   上面图展示设备整体耐压强度分析,以便找出加强位置   下图展示吊耳安全分析,确保吊耳强度安全   全3D设计,项目设计与实施可以做到所见即所得        4、防爆安全  ①抗爆设计 爆炸发生时,除尘器或管道内部压力瞬间升高所以壳体要有一定的抗压能力② 泄爆设计除尘器过滤室设置泄爆片,当爆炸发生时,除尘器内部压力需要通过泄爆片快速释放至安全区域,保障设备安全。③隔爆设计 在除尘器入口管道上安装有爆炸单向隔离阀避免引起管道及车间积尘的二次爆炸。5、项目的生产,施工,安装严格执行HSE标准

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