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  • 05-13

    Supporting Domestic Projects of Foreign-funded Enterprises

    Supporting domestic projects of foreign-funded enterprises.Field inspection, detailed design, installation guidance, perfect after-sales service.
  • 04-07

    Samples exported to Spain

    Samples exported to Spain.We will have more long-term cooperation in the future.Size:350*600
  • 04-20

    Let green environmental protection reach people's hearts

    The news that Xi'an is about to host the World Expo will not only attract much attention in China, but also be highly valued by various environmental organizations and environmentalists overseas. A few days ago, Dong Xiaojiang, a teacher at the School of Medicine of Xi'an Jiaotong University, posted a message on the Xi'an News Network Old Town Root Forum to convey his blessing to the Xi'an World Expo for his teacher at the University of Washington.Dong Yujiang told us that his teacher, Mr. Albos, is a professor at the University of Washington and a Chinese traditional culture and Chinese gardening enthusiast. After learning that Xi'an will hold the World Expo this year, he will call Dong Yujiang for the first time to learn about all the information related to the Xi'an World Expo. Dong Yujiang said: "In the communication with me, he seems a little excited. When we discussed the topic of environmental protection, Professor Albos placed high expectations on the Xi'an World Park, hoping to pass this international environmental event, gardening. The event can really make people understand the importance of environmental protection and actively protect and beautify the environment in the future."Dong Yujiang recalled: "Remember that in the United States, Professor Albos often said to our students: 'All I have to do is educate people and plant trees and flowers in their yards, which can greatly reduce greenhouse gases. Emissions, improving the natural environment of the metropolis.' According to Dong Yujiang, Mr. Albos lives in Bremerton in the Seattle area and is also a very famous environmentalist in the United States. He and his wife bought a four-acre garden a decade ago, when the open space was covered with weeds and shrubs, and they worked together for more than a decade to create everything here.He described in his post: "Now here, you can see the towering cuckoo trees and eucalyptus trees. The beautiful maple trees and magnolia trees are hidden from each other. The paved roads are surrounded by lush heather. And the lavender with a cluster of purple flowers, from the far to the far, looks like a beautiful oil painting, which is the "Vision Park" that they jointly established in the local area. Although it has passed China in the future, But Professor Albos has great interest in this mysterious country of the East. In his garden, you can see traditional Chinese culture and horticultural art with rich oriental features. It also provides free accommodation for tourists and his wife. Plants and publicize the importance of environmental protection and greening."At the World Expo, Professor Albos could not come to visit because of his busy schedule. He expressed his regret, but he still hopes to convey his good wishes to the Xi'an World Expo through his students and love environmental protection. Xi'an citizens expressed their gratitude. Dong Weijiang said that Professor Albos also expressed the hope that he can promote his environmental protection concept in the World Expo, so that green and environmental protection can be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. I hope that all environmentally friendly people can work together to make our homes together more healthy. beautiful.
  • 04-20

    New Environmental Protection Law: Punishment from "penalty ticket" to "nickname"

    Polaris Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection News: The newly revised Environmental Protection** will be implemented from January 1, 2015. As the new "Environmental Protection Law" has increased the provisions of daily punishment, seizure and seizure, administrative detention, etc., and increased penalties, it is called "history * strict environmental protection law." This also means that starting in 2015, companies will face a more stringent environmental enforcement environment. Li Wei, deputy researcher of the Punishment Division of the Environmental Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that the implementation of the new Environmental Protection Law, the government and enterprises, was held at the symposium on the implementation of the newly revised "Environmental Protection Law" by the China Environmental Record Association. I should be mentally prepared for the four aspects. First, the original enterprise was the "seat guest" of the local government. It was the local government's investment attraction. The government will inevitably open some "convenience" to the enterprise, and the enterprise must be "weaned". Second, the local government has a big package. However, the new "Environmental Protection Law" stipulates the local government's environmental responsibility. If the law is illegal, the third is the technical preparation. The company will discharge excessively from time to time. The reason is that the sewage treatment facilities are repaired or damaged and temporarily suspended. "Required that as long as the discharge is not met, the punishment will be severely punished. Therefore, "the technical transformation will be carried out on the technical transformation", "the environmental protection equipment will be quickly put on the equipment"; Fourth, the environmental protection department's law enforcement ability is put forward high requirements.
  • 04-20

    Analysis of the Causes of Failure of Bag Filter Bag

    The bag filter is a dry dust filter. It is suitable for capturing fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. The filter bag is made of a woven filter cloth or a non-woven felt, and the dust-containing gas is filtered by the filtering action of the fiber fabric. When the dust-containing gas enters the bag filter, the dust with large particles and large particles settles down due to gravity and falls into the ash hopper; when the gas containing fine dust passes through the filter material, the dust is retained and the gas is obtained. Purification.China's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" puts forward higher demand for environmental protection. Water, gas, sound and slag will all be more applied to filter materials, and the market prospect of filter materials industry is promising. Among them, in the field of dust control, bag dust collectors are widely used at home and abroad due to high dust removal efficiency, no secondary pollution and easy recycling of dry materials, accounting for 80% of the dust removal equipment used. At present, China's bag dust removal technology has reached the international advanced level, can meet the increasing environmental protection requirements, and can create favorable conditions for the sustainable development of the national economy.Although the bag filter has many advantages, once the filter bag fails, it will cause the device to discharge, the dust is exceeded, and the replacement of the filter bag is also a huge expense. It is especially important to recognize the failure of the filter bag and pay attention to it in order to avoid it. The following summarizes and analyzes the problem of filter bag failure that often occurs in the cement industry.
  • 04-20

    A new trend in the development of dust collectors - sintered plate dust collector

    The working principle and basic structure of the sintered plate filter are similar to those of the bag filter. However, since the filter element is made of a special sintered plate material, the dust collector (for example, bag dust removal) is manufactured with a conventional fiber filter. Compared with the device, the flat bag dust collector, the filter cartridge dust collector, etc., it has many unique advantages. The specific principle is that the dust-containing airflow enters the dust chamber of the middle tank through the deflector at the entrance of the dust gas, and the gas purified by the sintering plate is discharged through the fan. With the increase of dust on the surface of the sintered plate, the cleaning control system of the timing or differential pressure mode will automatically open the fast-open pulse valve to effectively remove the dust on the surface of the sintered plate by compressed air. The sprayed dust is discharged after being dropped into the ash bucket by the action of gravity.The components mainly include sintered plate filter, backflushing system (such as pulse valve, air bag, etc.), dust collector box (access door, flower board, etc.), control system, pneumatic triple piece, differential pressure system and so on.At present, Aier Environmental has cooperated with Japan Nippon Mining Technology Co., Ltd. to develop AR-SP sintered plate dust collector. The sintered plate is used as the core filter element dust collector. It has ultra-high filtration efficiency, long service life and almost zero maintenance. It is widely used in rubber, metallurgy, chemical, non-ferrous metal smelting and other industries where the dust removal is difficult. Responding to new trends in development,
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