Product Description

AR-RD bag dust collector adopts the bag as the core filter element, and adopts the most pressure-resistant circular structure design.
Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, casting, grain processing and other industries of dust treatment and material recovery.

Product Features

Performance feature:

  1. The treatment dust concentration is high, and suitable filtration materials can be selected according to different conveying materials;
  2. The high pressure value of the equipment meets the high pressure conveying conditions;
  3. Large air volume filter cartridge, greatly reducing the dust collector volume and footprint;
  4. Combined with cyclone structure design, the air inlet has the advantages of cyclone and bag dust collector, and has higher dust removal efficiency.
  5. Rich configuration, can add different automation parts to meet the control requirements of the conveying system;

Airflow simulation diagram:

Technical specifications:

Specifications and models Airflow dealer

( m³/h)

Filter area (㎡) Bag quantity(Pcs) Contour size of the unit(s)
AR-RD20 1200 20 24 DN1200*4.4
AR-RD30 1800 30 31 DN1400*5.0
AR-RD40 2400 40 51 DN1600*5.2
AR-RD60 3600 60 61 DN1800*5.7
AR-RD85 5100 85 85 DN2000*6.3
AR-RD110 6600 110 88 DN2200*7.0
AR-RD155 9300 155 109 DN2500*7.5

Explosion-proof dust collector system

1. Alarm
2. Dust collector automatic spray device
3/4. Spark detector
5. Automatic spray extinguishing device
6. Flameproof valve
7. Temperature detector
8. Deflator/flameless deflator

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