Product Description

The large air volume, low concentration and normal temperature volatile organic mixed waste gas to be treated is acted on by the induced draft fan, and the dust particles and impurities in the waste gas are removed by the pretreatment filter device first, otherwise the direct adsorption will block the micropore of zeolite, thus affecting the adsorption effect or even failure. After preliminary filtration, the “relatively pure organic waste gas” enters the zeolite runner adsorption device for adsorption and purification treatment, and the organic matter is trapped inside the zeolite by the unique force of the zeolite runner, and the clean gas is discharged. After a period of adsorption, the zeolite runner reaches the saturated state, and the runner automatically rotates into the cooling and high temperature desorption area. The high-concentration exhaust gas desorbed by zeolite runner directly enters the regenerative combustion device (RTO) for high-temperature oxidation treatment. After the exhaust gas is oxidized, the high-temperature gas is discharged for heat exchange with the regenerative ceramic, so that the gas entering the RTO is preheated to 650 ~ 720℃ to reduce fuel consumption. After heat exchange, the exhaust gas is directly used for desorption with insufficient heat and low oxygen content. However, it can be directly used to absorb waste gas to heat up and dehumidify;

The clean flue gas after RTO combustion is directly emptied; At the same time, the by-pass is reserved, so that the smoke after RTO combustion can be directly discharged to the chimney; The high temperature gas of the runner desorption comes from the exhaust air of the cooling zone (about 100℃), and after indirect heat exchange and heating by the compensation heating device of the burner, the temperature is controlled at about 180-200℃ into the runner desorption zone for desorption. The organic matter in the zeolite is heated by hot air and volatilized from the zeolite. At this time, the desorbed exhaust gas belongs to the high concentration, small air volume, high temperature organic waste gas directly into the regenerative combustion device (RTO) high temperature oxidation and release heat, organic matter uses its own oxidation combustion heat released to maintain the incoming exhaust gas preheating, if the desorption exhaust gas concentration is high enough, the normal use of regenerative incinerator requires little natural gas.

Product Features

Comprehensive process flow:

Application industry:

It is suitable for waste gas treatment of lithium battery, glass, paint, spraying, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and other industries.