Product Description

AR-ZJ self-cleaning filter is a device used for the front end of the aerodynamic equipment filtration, which can effectively protect the cleaning of the equipment rotor.
It is widely used in: raw material air compressor of oxygen station, blast furnace blower of steel plant, gas turbine of various capacity, air conditioning system of tobacco and paper industry, central air conditioning system with high demand for air dust content.

Product Features

Performance feature:

  1. The equipment can realize automatic cleaning of air filter components in groups, and other filter components work as usual;
  2. Filter elements selected imported filter material, compared with the traditional filter material, this filter material contains polyester fiber components, the filter cartridge has higher moisture resistance, dust is not easy to adhere to the surface of the filter cartridge; Make the self-cleaning filter run in a low resistance environment;
  3. High degree of automation, the main components of imported parts, can achieve unmanned operation;
  4. Reasonable design, no bending design, high-rise building block combination, easy to install, fast;

Airflow simulation diagram:

Technical specifications:

Specifications and models Airflow dealer

( m³/h)

Filter area

( ㎡)

Bag quantity


Contour size of the unit(s)(m)
AR-ZJ-200 200 100 10 1.0*2.5*3.0
AR-ZJ-400 400 200 20 2.0*2.5*3.0
AR-ZJ-800 800 400 36 3.0*3.0*3.0
AR-ZJ-1000 960 500 48 4.26*3.0*3.0
AR-ZJ-1600 1600 750 80 4.26*5.0*3.0
AR-ZJ-2000 1920 1000 96 4.26*6.0*3.0
AR-ZJ-2800 2720 1400 136 4.26*8.5*3.0

Explosion-proof dust collector system

1. Alarm
2. Dust collector automatic spray device
3/4. Spark detector
5. Automatic spray extinguishing device
6. Flameproof valve
7. Temperature detector
8. Deflator/flameless deflator

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