Product Description

Product Features

Aier Environmental was awarded the license of SOLVAY in the coal chemical industry in Greater China

SOLVAY deacidification process


1. The dry process is simple

2. Less reliability of operating equipment

3. Reduce control points to a fraction to a tenth

4. High one-way efficiency, no cycle

5. Energy consumption is reduced, investment and operating costs are reduced, and post staffing is reduced

6. The process does not consume water or waste water

7. Meet the requirements of “whitening”, and the corrosion of the equipment is weak

8. Avoid corrosion and eliminate the risk of over-temperature fire of FPR material

Comparison of various desulfurization processes

Desulfurization process

Process Running equipment The amount of operation and maintenance Fixed assets Electricity consumption  Sewage By-product value Desulfurization efficiency Running costs

Limestone gypsum method

Complicated More Big Big High High Low High High
Ammonia washing method Complicated More Big Bigger High High Middle High High
Rotary spray drying method Middle Middle Big Bigger Middle None None Middle Middle
Furnace spray calcium tail humidification method Middle  Less Middle Middle High None None Middle Middle
Circulating fluidized bed Middle Middle Big Big High None None Middle High
In-furnace desulphurization Low  Less  Less Low Low None Low Low Low
SOLVAY sodium dry process Low  Less  Less Lower Low None Middle Very high Middle

Aier Systems Solutions

The flue gas desulfurization by baking soda method achieves fine desulfurization and ultra-low emission

Desulfurization in limestone furnace can remove high concentration sulfur and reduce cost

Pre-electric dust collector + bag dust collector, transparent flue gas

Characteristics of SOLVAY desulfurization special baking soda

1. **Perfect spherical particles

2. Almost no chloride ions

3. Good fluidity, completely eliminate the blockage problem

4. Non-hazardous chemicals

5. No corrosion, less maintenance cost

6. High acid removal efficiency