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Ministry of Environmental Protection: Environmental management qualifications are completely abolished

The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a notice stating that "According to the requirements of the State Council's "Decision on Cancellation and Decentralization of a Batch of Administrative Approval Items", the administrative licensing item 'Environmental Protection (Pollution Governance) Facilities Operation Unit ** Qualification Recognition' that has been implemented by the Ministry of Environmental Protection has been cancelled. At the same time, it is pointed out that the environmental pollution control facilities under the responsibility of the environmental protection departments of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) operate a Class B and temporary level qualification permit, which should not be further implemented and should be abolished.

       Encouraging environmental protection and not setting a threshold will enable more companies to join the field of environmental governance. Industry insiders expect that "according to the spirit of the government report and the direction of the policy, the qualifications for environmental protection operations will gradually be completely eliminated. The so-called qualification certificate will become a waste paper in the future.

       It is reported that ** qualification is approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the B-level and temporary qualification approval procedures are approved by the provincial environmental protection department and reported to the Ministry of Environmental Protection for the record. For the practice of different levels of qualifications being examined and approved by different levels of authorities, Zhang Yi, the president of the Shanghai Environmental Institute, said that this approval system is unreasonable. In addition, the qualification setting gives the power to rent too much space.

        In addition, Zhang Yi also said that the qualification of supervision is not the same as the supervision, but the qualification is established, and the supervision is not strict. The role of qualification management is not big, just an additional approval procedure. Therefore, in the long run, the cancellation of qualifications will become a trend, and at the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the government's regulatory functions and increase the illegal costs of enterprises.

        Then, after the operation qualification becomes a waste paper, how will the government manage and supervise the enterprise, and why?

        The management focus after the cancellation of qualifications will be performance management. At present, performance management is widely practiced internationally, which is the development trend under the background of market economy. In the future, companies do not need to have the so-called qualifications, only need performance, and thus enter the market economy track.

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