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New Environmental Protection Law: Punishment from "penalty ticket" to "nickname"

Polaris Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection News: The newly revised Environmental Protection** will be implemented from January 1, 2015. As the new "Environmental Protection Law" has increased the provisions of daily punishment, seizure and seizure, administrative detention, etc., and increased penalties, it is called "history * strict environmental protection law." This also means that starting in 2015, companies will face a more stringent environmental enforcement environment.


Li Wei, deputy researcher of the Punishment Division of the Environmental Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that the implementation of the new Environmental Protection Law, the government and enterprises, was held at the symposium on the implementation of the newly revised "Environmental Protection Law" by the China Environmental Record Association. I should be mentally prepared for the four aspects. First, the original enterprise was the "seat guest" of the local government. It was the local government's investment attraction. The government will inevitably open some "convenience" to the enterprise, and the enterprise must be "weaned". Second, the local government has a big package. However, the new "Environmental Protection Law" stipulates the local government's environmental responsibility. If the law is illegal, the third is the technical preparation. The company will discharge excessively from time to time. The reason is that the sewage treatment facilities are repaired or damaged and temporarily suspended. "Required that as long as the discharge is not met, the punishment will be severely punished. Therefore, "the technical transformation will be carried out on the technical transformation", "the environmental protection equipment will be quickly put on the equipment"; Fourth, the environmental protection department's law enforcement ability is put forward high requirements.

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