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Baking soda dry desulfurization, water saving, energy saving, environmental protection

According to the China Science and Technology Network on March 16, 2019, in order to solve the problem of coal development, coal-fired power generation and other industrial developments and water shortages, on March 15th, Ningdong, hosted by five academicians including the Chinese Academy of Engineering Gu Dazhao The “Strategic Research on Coordinated Development of Coal-Based Energy and Water Resources” was officially launched in Yinchuan, Ningxia.

       During the wet flue gas desulfurization process, a large amount of water is evaporated into the flue gas, and may be entrained with crystalline salt particulate matter. The flue gas produced per ton of coal combustion consumes more than 0.4 t of water during wet desulfurization. Taking a 300 MW unit as an example, the flue gas carries more than 100 t/h after desulfurization. China consumes about 4 billion tons of coal per year, and consumes a large amount of water resources during the coal utilization process, which seriously restricts the development of the modern coal chemical industry.

       Aier Environmental's baking soda dry flue gas desulfurization solution uses high-activity, high-surface-area baking soda micron particles as a desulfurizing agent, and the desulfurization efficiency is as high as 95% to 99%. No moisture is added during the desulfurization process. Produce any desulfurization wastewater, and solve the problem that the wet desulfurization consumes more water and the desulfurization wastewater is difficult to handle. At the same time, there is no obvious temperature drop in the dry desulfurization process. The net flue gas has residual heat recovery conditions. For example, by preheating the condensate to reduce the net flue gas temperature to below 100 °C, the boiler thermal efficiency can be increased by more than 2%, which significantly reduces steam production. Cost, improve economic efficiency.

         Aier Environmental adheres to the corporate culture of “Professional Quality Service”, providing international leading boiler and incineration flue gas dry-drying solutions to achieve win-win development with customers!

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