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Aier's environmental desulfurization and dust removal integration technology helps to eliminate smog

More than 80% of FGD plants in China use a wet desulfurization process. After desulfurization, the exhaust gas carries a large amount of water vapor and inorganic salt particles directly to the atmosphere, and the sulfate discharge is seriously exceeded. The intuitive phenomenon is that the smoke emitted by the chimney does not linger for a long time, and Gradually rising and mixing with the clouds, reducing atmospheric visibility, and even local "gypsum rain." With the deepening of domestic research on the causes of smog, various localities have successively introduced policies to limit chimney plume, requiring “whitening”.


Aier Environmental Protection complies with the requirements of national economic development and environmental protection. After long-term follow-up research, it has launched the “dry desulfurization and dust removal integration” technology, using Solvay special sodium-based desulfurizer, supporting special crushing and mixing reaction devices, combined with more than a dozen The annual dust removal technology achieves ultra-clean emissions with a desulfurization efficiency of up to 99% and dust of less than 10 mg/m3, and has the following characteristics:

1. The integration of desulfurization and dust removal is realized. The dust collector is also a desulfurization reactor, which greatly reduces the investment in fixed assets, reduces the floor space, and is more suitable for the transformation of existing equipment;

2, the system operating temperature is above 100 °C, avoiding low temperature dew point corrosion, chimneys and flue and other equipment do not need special anti-corrosion, long service life;

3. There is no need to spray water to cool down, no waste water is generated, and the amount of desulfurization residue is small;

4. Different from wet desulfurization, the removal efficiency of acidic pollutants such as HCl, HF and SO3 is also high.

5. Smoke is transparent, no additional equipment is required to remove whitening. At the same time, due to the high exhaust gas temperature, the smoke rises faster and spreads at the same chimney height, and the impact on regional air quality is smaller;

6. The process can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual conditions of the factory to effectively meet the process requirements of denitrification and mercury removal.


7. The operation and maintenance of the device is less difficult, and the load adjustment is flexible and convenient.


Aier Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a well-known environmental protection engineering company in China. It has been committed to the development of industrial dust removal, VOC control and flue gas purification industry for many years. It has established good cooperative relations with relevant scientific research institutions at home and abroad, and has strong equipment design and manufacturing capabilities. Rich engineering contract construction experience. The “dry desulfurization and dust removal integration” technology launched this time has attracted the attention of many domestic industry leaders, and some projects have entered the preparation stage. It is believed that with the promotion of this technology, the capacity of domestic atmospheric environmental management will be further enhanced, and the management of smog will also usher in earth-shaking changes.

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