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Dust explosion-proof renovation project passed the acceptance

On November 4, 2016, the dust explosion-proof experts of the State Administration of Work Safety, the Suzhou District Safety Supervision Bureau and the representatives of the owners conducted an acceptance of Aier's dust explosion-proof renovation project.

Aier undertook the design, manufacture and construction of the project. For the strict explosion-proof requirements of the project, Aier adopted the American Fike explosion-proof system to cooperate with the explosion-proof and venting system to reduce the safety hazard. Experts and representatives gave Aier a high praise for their professional attitude, excellent quality and meticulous service in the implementation of the project!

The project has tight transformation time, high explosion-proof requirements, complex layout of the original workshop, and complicated construction on site. It took five months to complete today, and it is inseparable from the efforts of the project team, the strong support of the partners and the trust and cooperation of the owners.

Aier will adhere to professional quality services and provide owners with a good solution.

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