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IPB 2016 is the perfect ending in Shanghai

The three-day IPB2016 showcased the cutting-edge technology and technology in the powder industry. The products and services on display cover powder preparation technology and basic processes, bulk material conveying equipment and related accessories, explosion-proof dust removal technology, particle analysis and characterization, nanoparticle technology, etc., bringing the powder industry A new look.

Aier Environmental mainly promotes explosion-proof dust removal systems and piping systems, as well as standard & non-standard dust collectors, high vacuum precipitators, pneumatic conveying systems and spare parts. In addition, in the field of VOC governance, Ayre promotes the RTO&RCO system. The guests who came to visit were very interested in the powder explosion-proof technology. In the exchange, Ayre also unreservedly presented his own industry experience and suggestions.


Exhibit prototype: high vacuum precipitator

The AR-CP series of dust collectors are designed and developed for small-flow dust removal applications. The standard type can withstand a pressure of 5000Pa, and can be customized to withstand a pressure of 22000Pa. Mainly used in welding, cutting, soot, grinding and other operations, cutting equipment and robot welding room.

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