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2016 VOC Governance Technology Forum

On September 9, 2016, the 2016 VOC Governance Technology Forum hosted by Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry Technology Research Institute and Jiangsu Environmental Protection Association, Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. and US SHIP & SHORE ENVIRONMENTAL INC. was held in Zhangjiagang. Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection Department Expert, Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry and Technology Research Institute President Wu and his team, internationally renowned VOC governance company leaders, customer HSE and engineering leaders, foreign-funded engineering companies, etc. more than 60 people gathered to discuss cooperation in environmental protection industry And development.

Forum Highlight 1: Dr. Wu, an expert from the Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry and Technology Research Institute, interpret the ** environmental policy, so that delegates can understand the government's environmental requirements and implementation standards from point to point, and provide the promotion of VOC governance projects for various enterprises. Guiding opinions.

Forum Highlights 2: Aier Environmental, US SSE, Japan Daily, Sweden Monte from VOC Governance Project Implementation Process, RTO/RCO and Online Monitoring Technology and Equipment, Catalyst in VOC Processing, Runner Concentration Technology in VOC Governance The four topics of application are explained, and the application of mainstream technology in the VOC governance project is introduced in all aspects, leaving a deep impression on the guests present.

Forum Highlight 3: Q&A session, the guests in the forum Q&A session responded enthusiastically, and the questions were endless. Dr. Wu of Suhuanyuan gave professional and unique technical answers. The answers of experts from SSE, Aier Environmental, Rihui Company and Monte Company are also brilliant and bright.

**The dinner party, all the guests present witnessed the signing ceremony of the cooperation between the host city of Aier Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. and the US SSE company. Today, with the increasing problem of VOC emission control and the bottleneck of domestic VOC governance technology, Ayer is holding hands with SSE. In the future, it will work together to implement the VOC governance project and contribute to the alleviation of social and environmental problems.

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