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Brief introduction to the application of AR-CH series dust collector in the masterbatch industry (3) - Piping system

Pipeline system

According to the location of the dust suction point on the site and the position of the dust collector, confirm the pipe direction and confirm the pipe diameter according to the required air volume of the dust suction point. Since the dust hood is installed under the roof, some valves are relatively high in position. Considering the field operation problem, the valve is designed as an electric valve (the valve angle can be positioned anywhere between 0-90°); The low valve is designed as a manual valve. Figure:

The top pipe (main pipe) of the floor is connected by flanges. The pipe will be supported at intervals of 4 meters. This design not only strengthens the pipe but also facilitates the maintenance and repair of the pipe in the later stage; the pipe can be designed as a 60° bend to the bottom of the floor. Head, this design ensures smooth airflow, reduces unnecessary tube damage, reduces fan power, and saves electricity costs.

The picture of the pipeline site layout is as follows:

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