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AR-CH series dust collector electronic control system

According to the actual production conditions that multiple production lines in the field are not used at the same time, the independent high-mixing machine will run when needed, and the AR-CH dust removal system fan uses the inverter fan.

1Inverter fan can adjust the system to handle air volume according to the actual load, reduce waste and achieve energy saving effect.

2 Each branch pipe is equipped with an electric valve, which opens the valve when the dust is generated, so the valve on the branch pipe does not need to be opened all the time, which affects the overall dust removal effect.

3 Use time control solenoid valve to blow. The pulse interval and pulse period can be adjusted at any time according to the working conditions of the site, achieving a good effect.

Aier Environmental provides services such as design, installation, commissioning and after-sales of the overall dust removal system.

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