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About AR-CW mobile welding fume dust collector

AR-CW mobile welding fume precipitator is specially used to purify harmful gases such as smoke, dust and oil mist generated during welding or polishing, and is widely used in automobile manufacturing, machining, maintenance workshops and other industries.


1. Super strong smoke and dust capture effect to ensure the use effect, the suction air volume can be adjusted according to the actual use effect, which is convenient for energy saving;

2. It adopts filter cartridge filtration, which has high filtration efficiency (up to 99.9%), large filtration area and long filter cartridge replacement period.

3. Adopting integrated design, the fan is installed inside the dust collector and has a compact structure;

4. The universal flexible suction arm can rotate 360 degrees, hovering freely, and can directly remove smoke from the source.

5. It is equipped with a compressed air cleaning device to facilitate customer operation and maintenance;

6. Install the universal wheel and the suction arm to effectively process the moving dust point.


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