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Introduction of Aier Environmental Dust Collector in Lithium Battery Industry

In the process of powder preparation and processing (such as pulverization, transportation, classification, mixing, roasting and drying), a large number of heterogeneous systems such as soot are produced, and the solid particles or liquid beads in the heterogeneous system are separated. The process that comes out is called separation. The two-phase separation of the gas-solid heterogeneous system is also referred to as dust removal/filtration.

As a discharge separation equipment, Aier Environmental Dust Collector is the main equipment for intercepting materials in the transportation industry, because it is suitable only for high concentration inlet concentration and high filtration efficiency. The AR-RD series dust collectors developed by our company select the corresponding filter materials according to different materials and working conditions, and are equipped with fluidized devices such as rotary valves, gravity sensors, level gauges, vibrators and explosion-proof components and facilities. Automated control under different conditions.

For example, our company designed an AR-RD30 dust collector for a German company (see Figure 1-1). The filter area is 30 square meters, all stainless steel material, it is suitable for separating NMC powder (NMC chemical name: lithium cobalt manganese manganate, is a raw material for battery, general flow, high temperature resistance, can not be mixed with any metal or other impurities) .

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